President’s Message – April 2020

Mar 09, 2020

It seems to me our roles in support of our company’s worker safety culture are increasingly a “journey” rather than a “destination”.  I was thinking about it this weekend and suddenly had a flashback to my Sophomore high school English class of all things!  My teacher, David Senecal, is likely sitting up in his grave saying – “I told you this was important!!!”  I liken our “safety journey” as a direct retelling of the classic late middle age saga – The Canterbury Tales published in 1400 by Geoffrey Chaucer, where a group of 30 pilgrims traveled the 60 miles from London to the St Thomas Becket shrine at Canterbury Cathedral over a week-and-a-half period.  They were a motley mix of all levels of society and trades – Knights, Lawyers, Millers, Reeves, Cooks, Merchants, Monks, Nuns, Physicians, Seamen and even some unescorted Women; quite radical for that time!  They decided to have a contest in telling the best story, as judged by the Tabard innkeeper who joins the group, with the winner receiving a free dinner at the Tabard Inn, the de rigueur restaurant of the time, when they returned to London.

Delmarva Chapter e-Payment via Venmo

Oct 17, 2019

All, if attending an Delmarva ASSP event going forward or if you attended the last event and were unable to pay please use this app or the scan below.

Now Accepting Candidates & Nominations for Northern Area Director for Region VI

Sep 09, 2019

The current term for the Northern Area Director comes to an end on June 30th, 2020.  Region VI leadership is now accepting nominations for this very important senior leadership position.

Review the job description here.

Holding a leadership position within the American Society of Safety Professionals gives you the opportunity to influence the Society’s direction and the safety profession’s future.

Venmo Mobile Payment System

Mar 18, 2019

A simple how to for installing and using Venmo to make payments with your mobile device.

What is Venmo?

  • Venmo is a mobile application (app) that allows you to perform transactions between individuals. We will be using it for ASSP dues and various charges to members with our meetings and events.

Installing Venmo

  • Open your APP store or Google Play application
  • Search for the Venmo App.
  • Select the “Get” or “Install” option.

Setting up the APP

  • Once installed you will be prompted to sign up. You may use your Facebook login information or create a new account with an email.
  • List your first and last name
  • Then create a password.

How to add a bank account

  • Click or tap the Add and verify back account option.
  • You will be prompted to add your routing number and account number.

How Pay someone

  • Select the = symbol on the top left corner application home.
  • Select the search people option.
  • For Delmarva Chapter ASSP associated fees/charges you would search for “DelmarvaASSP- Treasurer”
  • Click the Pay or request option
  • You will then enter an amount and a short description under the “What’s it for?”, i.e. chapter technical meeting meal fee, etc. option.

Questions or comments?

President’s Message – April 2019

Mar 18, 2019

Fellow ASSP Delmarva Chapter Members;

I am pleased to announce that our Delmarva board members have finished final build-out of the approved USCG “MARAD small vessel for limited public use” (AKA Delmarva Chapter Ark), we’re still waiting for final approval from the EPA on our port-a-potty discharge permit and the engineer’s stamp for the hoist system/fall arrest system/trebuchet for our “cargo loading”.  See if this dang insistent rain will stop our group!

As we move toward the last few months of our 2019 ASSP fiscal year, we have three key activities we have planned:

March 26th at 0800  we will be hosting a joint technical presentation with the local Eastern Shore SHRM chapter – professional human resources management organization with the jointly presented topic of “OSHA Inspection and Regulatory Compliance from the Human Resources and Occupational Safety Perspectives”. Dove Pointe Banquet Room – 1225 Mount Hermon Road Salisbury MD

April 8th and 9th  with events from 0700 to 1800 each day – 2019 Delmarva Safety Association Health & Safety Conference/Expo which is being held, as in the past, at Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel, 10100 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, Maryland.  We recommend this event as the April Technical meeting opportunities and as a great way to network with like-minded safety professionals.  Our Delmarva ASSP members Ron Dukes (Senior Safety & Security Mgr Perdue Foods LLC Milford DE Organic Harvest Plant) and Chuck Northam (President, Safety Resources LLC) will be representing our group at a booth on the Exhibit floor.  If I counted correctly there are 11 informative sessions available as well as floor exhibitors.

Registration and Events Agenda can be found at

April 30 at 1130 – A technical hands-on and demonstration graphically showing how Personal Fall Arrest Systems actually work – AND DON’T, co-hosted by Mike Smith, president of Capital Safety Associates (recent acquired by 3M) and Stephanie Baum, the 3M Core Safety Specialist focusing on Fall Protection challenges.  Session will begin with a short chapter meeting at 11:30 followed by the technical demonstration at the Perdue Foods PTI Repair Garage – 8634 East Newton Rd Bridgeville DE 19933

The truck demonstration will include:

  • Weight drop to show the forces in a fall.
  • Discussion of the top causes of death in the workplace and beyond, including home and recreation.
  • Discussion of the required strength of an anchor point.
  • Discussion of total fall distance allowed and what makes up the total fall distance.
  • Discussion about what kind of forces are generated in a fall.
  • Discussion of the value of a shock absorbing lanyard or SRD to absorb the forces of a fall.
  • Discussion of numerous means of proper and improper tie-off, including use of SRD’s (self-retracting devices), different hook options, etc.
  • Discussion of rescue methods and options including self-rescue and assisted rescue.
  • Proper donning and fit of the harness along with the proper way to inspect all the equipment.
  • Proper use of fall protection when accessing trailer hatch
  • We are still finalizing our end of FY 2019-year technical tour for June.More info will be coming soon. 

Please come and rub elbows at one or all of these sessions.

Joe Bedard
ASSP Delmarva Chapter President