Venmo Mobile Payment System

A simple how to for installing and using Venmo to make payments with your mobile device.

What is Venmo?

  • Venmo is a mobile application (app) that allows you to perform transactions between individuals. We will be using it for ASSP dues and various charges to members with our meetings and events.

Installing Venmo

  • Open your APP store or Google Play application
  • Search for the Venmo App.
  • Select the “Get” or “Install” option.

Setting up the APP

  • Once installed you will be prompted to sign up. You may use your Facebook login information or create a new account with an email.
  • List your first and last name
  • Then create a password.

How to add a bank account

  • Click or tap the Add and verify back account option.
  • You will be prompted to add your routing number and account number.

How Pay someone

  • Select the = symbol on the top left corner application home.
  • Select the search people option.
  • For Delmarva Chapter ASSP associated fees/charges you would search for “DelmarvaASSP- Treasurer”
  • Click the Pay or request option
  • You will then enter an amount and a short description under the “What’s it for?”, i.e. chapter technical meeting meal fee, etc. option.

Questions or comments?